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Hotel v

“When Hotel V saw its Revenue Manager depart two years ago, Revenue Guru stepped in and effectively took over the entire revenue management for the three hotels. They achieved impressive results both on the former 'one-way connection' on IDPMS without an RMS system and later on a fully integrated interface on Mews, combined with Flyr (formerly Pace). All-time room revenue records compared to the peak years of 2018/2019 have been surpassed. Not only are we performing significantly better compared to our own past revenue, but also when compared to our competitors, as reflected in the RGI score. In addition, Revenue Guru assisted us in transitioning from IDPMS to Mews, from Cubilis to Siteminder, and in setting up the reports we currently use. We highly recommend every hotel to outsource their revenue management to Ric, Arthur, and the now strongly growing team!”

Daniel Diecken – General Manager

the unbound

“We have been working with Revenue Guru at The Unbound for 2 years now and have enjoyed a great partnership. After our opening, we initially handled revenue management ourselves until Ric and Arthur from RG approached us.
They not only assist us with revenue management but also provide insights into commercial management. This includes balancing ADR and occupancy, pricing and promotion strategies, booking conditions, group requests, rate setup, corporate rates, using the right photos, room structure setup, partnerships, and contracts. With RG, we have found a true partner who helps take our organization to the next level.
Although their main responsibility is room revenue, they also closely analyze other revenue streams with us, such as F&B value from group requests or M&E revenue.We have seen our results grow from 55% occupancy to 74% and then to 80%, with an ADR of 207 euros. Additionally, they have achieved a 13% increase in (lodging) revenue.
In addition to our monthly meetings, we receive a detailed management overview every day, presenting all the KPIs in clear graphs and providing a concise explanation of the results. This way, we are informed of opportunities to divert bookings from OTAs.
Through this collaboration, we have access to multiple professionals who assist us with revenue management, and the costs remain lower than employing someone full-time for this role. Moreover, we no longer need to worry about sick leave, vacation hours, or staff turnover.
Revenue Guru stands out due to their professional approach, commitment, and personal contact. We are extremely pleased with this partnership, which has truly become an integral part of our organization.”

Lisette Landman - General Manager

Doppenberg collection

"We have been working with Revenue Guru since 2021 and are very satisfied with their services. They take care of our Revenue Management and have also guided us through a PMS switch to Mews. The transition went very smoothly and we are very happy that we made the switch. In addition, our room revenue has turned out to be much higher than the most optimistic budgets we had made. Zandvoort is a very volatile market where the weather has a big impact on the demand for hotel rooms. The Gurus respond appropriately to this with dynamic pricing policy, which has resulted in not only high occupancy rates, but also a significant increase in the average room rate."

Yorrick Puts - Owner


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